The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)
The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)

The ALDA Blanket (digital pattern)

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The ALDA pattern is a lovely little blanket worked with the mosaic crochet technique and inspired by the sweet waves of the Caribbean.


You can use any yarn you like for this blanket. You will need at least two colors and I recommend using one solid color for color A but then you can play with color B and even use scraps. Color B is only visible from the front in the wave pattern, but all the way through the back as stripes.

I recommend Stone Washed from Scheepjes, which is what I used for my baby blanket;

For the baby size you will need 5 skeins of color A and 2 skeins of B.
For the toddler size you will need 7 skeins of color A and 3 skeins of B.

Crochet hook

sizes 3.5 mm (E)


20 stitches and 20 rows = 10 cm (4”)


You can use this pattern to make any type and size of blankets; Baby blankets, a bed runner or a big afghan. If making a big afghan, you can work more repetitions of the pattern on the length as well as the width, to create more waves.

Nonetheless, when designing the blanket, I found that this makes for the perfect baby or toddler blanket. Both the backside, with its rich texture, as well as the twisted fringe are just perfect for little fingers to play with! Therefore, the ALDA pattern comes in two sizes;

A baby blanket that measures 48 cm wide and 60 cm long, a perfect size for a newly born.
Blankets make for such a lovely gift for babies and this size would work great for the car seat, for example. The texture of the blanket is quite dense though, so if you live in a warm climate I would recommend making the simplified version (see page. 8) or using finer yarn and then follow the size instructions for the toddler blanket.

A toddler blanket that measures 63 cm wide and 81 cm long, a great size for kids from around 2 years old and up. Both for cuddling with on the couch, as well as for play and fun!

Abbreviations (US terms):

ST = stitch
CH = chain stitch
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet

General Instructions

The blanket is all worked from the front side, from right to left, so at the end of each row you break off the yarn. Therefore, there are lots of ends. You can either choose to work on your Zen and weave them all in or do the twisted fringe like I did.

I personally much prefer working with charts; and in the ALDA pattern I opted to use charts instead of written instructions. The first pattern and the border come with written instructions, but pattern 2-8 are shown in charts. To help you along, if you are not used to working with charts, I always write up the second row of each chart. You will find this under each chart.
also, see my YouTube tutorial on how to work with my charts here:

ps. ALDA means wave in Icelandic, my native tounge <3

If you need any help with the pattern, please join us in my Facebook group, where me and my wonderful admin team will be happy to help you!: