HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)
HEKLA (digital product)

HEKLA (digital product)

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UPDATE! The HEKLA pattern now includes the HEKLA beanie pattern as well as the mittens, so you can make a HEKLA sete! both pdf’s are included when you buy the pattern.

The Hekla mittens are a quick and easy make, so it’s the perfect gift project. I feel that best gifts for your loved ones are wooly warm wearables like these. The mittens can be made fingerless too and come in 5 sizes, ranging from 3 year old to an extra large grown up size, so I’m making these for literally everyone this Christmas!

You can make them using only 2 colors or up to 16 colors or more for the grown up sizes, so lots of room for color play and if you go multicolor it’s perfect to use up your scraps! I’m having an absolute blast making these and sure hope you will too.

The pattern comes with both written instructions as well as lots of progress pics. The technique used is overlay mosaic crochet.


Pernilla from Filcolana
(100% wool, 175 m = 50 g)

You will need 1 skein each of color A and B for all sizes up to Large, 2 skeins of each color for size Extra Large. For XS and SMALL you can make 2 pairs with the pair of skeins if you switch the colors.

You can use other type of sports weight yarn of course, and although the original Hekla mittens are made in Pernilla, I have now made more of them with Jamieson & Smith, the 2 Ply Jumper weight Shetland wool. This yarn gives a slightly looser gauge, but I use the same sizes with no problem.

You´ll need 2 x 25g skeins of each color in Jamieson for sizes XS-L, and 3 of each for EXTRA large.

The Hekla mittens are a perfect stash buster too, so before buying yarn you can raid your stash and even use up some of your scrap yarn if you go for multicolored mittens!

Furthermore, you can also use thicker yarn and go down in size, or finer yarn and go up in size. I took care to have the pattern in 5 sizes, so this would be a viable option!


If using the recommended yarn, either Pernilla or Jamieson, you will need a 3.5 mm hook, or a size of hook you need to get approx. the correct gauge.

Otherwise use a hook that suits your yarn.

Gauge in Pernilla
25 rows & 25 ST in basic mosaic stitching = 10 cm
20 rows and 22 ST in the ribbing = 10 cm

Gauge in Jamieson & Smith
23 rows & 23 ST in basic mosaic stitching = 10 cm
20 rows and 22 ST in the ribbing = 10 cm

Abbreviations (US terms)

ST = stitch/stitches
CH = chain stitch
SS = slip stitch
SC = single crochet
HDC = half double crochet
DC = double crochet
DC 2tog = work 2 DC’s together


The HEKLA mitten pattern comes in 5 sizes: (XS) S (M) L (XL)

Sizes XS & SMALL are kiddie sizes, XS approx. for 3-5 yo & SMALL for approx. 8-10 yo.

Sizes M & L should suit most grown ups, both sizes are the same length but L is a wider fit than M.

Total length from tip of the mitten to the end of ribbing: approx. (17) 21 (25) 25 (30) cm long.

Length of ribbing: approx. (4.5) 5 (6) 6 (7) cm long.

Circumference of ribbing: approx. (15) 17 (19) 22 (25) cm wide

Note that all sizes given here are according to gauge using Pernilla.

You can then use other weight of yarn as well, to get bigger or smaller sizes, and mix up the sizes by following the stitch count (width) for one size and the round count (length) for another.

General instructions

The mittens are worked from the ribbing up. You start by working the ribbing flat, back and forth, with the back loop single crochet texture that looks like ribbing. Then you join the ribbing into a circle on the short ends with slip stitches. From there on you work the mitten in the round, joining at the end of each round. Once you get up to where the thumb will be added you simply skip a few stitches, leaving a hole there where the thumb will be added later, and continue all the way up to the top. There you make an easy decrease and close the mittens off. Then you work the thumb in the round into the stitches you skipped for the thumb hole and close that off with decrease as well. Easy peasy!