Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)
Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)

Iris Shawl Pattern (digital)

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I made this shawl specially for my best friend, Íris, hence the name. It’s easy and fun to work, using a mix of mosaic crochet, overlay and the moss stitch. Maybe you could make one for your BFF too!


you can use any yarn you like for this shawl and it’s perfect for scraps. I used DK weight wool (225 m = 100 g), in this lovely hand dyed yarn by Systrabönd (

You will need at least 2 colors, although I used 4. For mine I used 150 g of grey and 100 g of the other three colors, and that left me with enough in one color to do this generous fringe!


No 5 mm, although it´s DK weight yarn, just to give it a better drape.


20 stitches and 17 rows = 10 cm, in moss stitch, using hook no. 5 mm.


145 cm wingspan and 67 cm long, not including fringe.
The shawl is componed of different parts of mosaic patterns and moss stitch parts, so it’s VERY easy to adjust the size by either skipping some parts or repeating others. So you can easily make it bigger or smaller.

Abbreviations (US terms)

ST = stitch
SS = slip stitch
CH = chain stitch
CH SP = chain space
SC = single crochet (UK = DC)
DC = double crochet (UK = TR)
FPDC = front post double crochet


I made this shawl specially for my best friend, Íris, for her birthday. Hence the name. She is also the beautiful model you can see here in the photos.

The IRIS shawl is worked in mixed techniques. I love working mosaic crochet, but it does give a very dense fabric and also takes a lot of yarn. So I decided to mix it up a bit and choose the moss stitch to combine with the mosaic technique. The moss stitch is great fun to work and gives a lovely texture. To get it to open up a little bit more, I always work the second row of each moss stitch srction in one loop only, resulting in a row of very minimalistic lace. With the mosaic crochet I mixed it up a bit too, working it in part with front post DC’s and that way adding a component of overlay to it.


This pattern really offers a great many color possibilities! The shawl has16 parts, made up with 3 different mosaic patterns and 10 moss stitch parts, so there are so many variations you can go with.

I used 4 colors for my original Iris shawl, always using the same color for the moss stitch parts (except for the very end) and then varying between all four colors when working the mosaic patterns.
You can also work it with only 2 colors, like I tried to do on this one! In the pattern I only refer to colors A and B. A being the main color (blue here) and B being the accent color (white in mosaic crochet overlay here).

You can also go in the opposite direction and work the shawl using scraps and almost as many colors as you like! You will need at least 2 colors for each mosaic pattern and could also use different colors for each of the 10 moss stitch sections!

General instructions

The shawl is worked back and forth when doing the moss stich sections and then all from the front side, from right to left (left to right for lefties), when doing the mosaic patterns. So, at the end of each mosaic round you break off the yarn. Therefore, there are lots of ends in those parts, but no worries, since the shawl is all worked with single crochet rows, it’s quite enough to just work over your ends at the beginning and end of each row and no need to weave them all in with a darning needle. Check out the beginning of my YouTube tutorial: Havana CAL, double border and tails, to see how this is done.

If you need any help with the pattern, please join us in my Facebook group, where me and my wonderful admin team will be happy to help you!: